Name Shame meaning and definition

Name Shame meaning

The point at which it's too late to ask for someone's name because you spent so much time around them that you should already know it.

Name Shame meaning

The unfortunate title associated with having inconsiderate parents who doom their offspring to a lifetime of shame and embarrassment due to the ridiculous names given to them at birth.

Name Shame meaning

Unintentionally insulting a black person when you first hear their name, by your unconscious physical reactions, such as eye rolling, unsuppressed smirk, laughing but pretending you're coughing, or spitting out your coffee.

Name Shame meaning

when you don't care at all about someone and you don't know his or her name even if you know him or her.

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namesia meaning and definition

Inability or slowness to recall peoples' names. Especially in the case of names that you should be able to remember because you see the person more than occasionally. A variation of namesia is always wanting to call someone by a different name because they remind you of someone else (see "clonesia").

namesign meaning and definition

A person's name in sign language.

Namesis meaning and definition

Your namesis is someone with the same name as you.

nameslip meaning and definition

When you forget the name of a person place or thing.