Nametag meaning and definition

Nametag meaning

When you cum on a girl's chest, in the area that a nametag would be. i.e. Giving her a nametag.

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name-tag bitch meaning and definition

A girl who's destined career path will always inevitably require wearing a name tag as part of her work uniform.Simply put, an uneducated, unmotivated girl who lacks street smarts and who has the same mental capacity as a bucket of whale shit. They're attractive for one reason and only one, their girl parts.

Nametag Fellatio meaning and definition

Pretty self-explanatory. It's the use of a nametag (typically attached to a lanyard around the neck) for sexual purposes. One may try to be subtle, and move their head around in around to gain sexual gratification from the inanimate object hanging around their neck, and gently graze at their crotches. Although not intended to be, it's an act thats ALL too obvious.

Name Taggers meaning and definition

People who insist on using product names as verbs because they think it makes them cool

Nametag Massage meaning and definition

A nametag massage is what happens when someone has a nametag clipped near there privates and they sit down. It rubbed against the genitals causing excitement.

nametake meaning and definition

The reverse of namesake; a person you are named after.