Nappy Rash meaning and definition

Nappy Rash meaning

The irritation or annoyance resulting from a relationship with a significantly younger partner.

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nappy ratchet hoes meaning and definition

A nappy ratchet hoe is a female who lacks class, thinks shes all that, and has a huge attitude problem.

Nappy Roots meaning and definition

A good rap group from Kentucky that sing about county.

nappysac meaning and definition

Somebody's sac that is nappy. Can be related to anything.

nappy sack meaning and definition

NOUN. Of or relating to an african (black male) genital area with black "nappy" pubic hair present.

Nappy Sas meaning and definition

commonly used when describing a nasty, very large, hairy female who may resembele a sasquatch. It is also good to describe a girl with an ugly, nappy, cheap weave in her hair.