Nasalker meaning and definition

Nasalker meaning

an individual that works for nasa and uses nasa technology to stalk people.

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Nasallang meaning and definition

An uncommon and rare combination piercing that runs through both nostrils and the high-flown nasal septum on a horizontal plane. Worn with an extended straight barbell.This peircing comes from the Indian origin and is worn to show prowess in men.

Nasal lint meaning and definition

Nasal lint is the crusty dried booger you find on a used bath towel that comes back to life when the towel is used again

Nasally meaning and definition

A person with an overly large nose.

Nasally Abused meaning and definition

When playing "got your nose" and you go too far. This can end up with deformed noses and the affected person may one day grow up to be a serial nose abuser himself.

Nasal masturbation meaning and definition

Sticking a Q-tip in one's nose to tickle the inner nose and induce sneezing, usually in order to clear a stuffy nose.