Npnc meaning and definition

Npnc meaning

No pic, no chat

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NQC meaning and definition

Not Quite Cut. It's more than a scratch, but it's not quite a cut.

NTG meaning and definition

Nitroglycerin. NTG is short for Nitroglycerin (not the exploding kind, the medical kind people use for angina).

ntl meaning and definition

UK cable company famous for buying up other cable companies and assets at massive inflated prices then becoming near bankrupt. Their customer services departments are legendary for their total uselessness and their sales departments are infamous for the lies they will tell to get people to sign up for their services.

NTR meaning and definition

NTR - "Need to rush" it is the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team from Poland. The team have been created in December 2014 in small village called "District the 13th" by a polish group of friends. They have not won single professional competition, but the times of glory and splendor are coming. Beware of their magnificient power and superior might...

nttn meaning and definition

A shortened version of the word "nothing." Usually used in texting or instant messaging conversations.