n00b combo meaning and definition

n00b combo meaning

in Halo 2, when a player has a plasma pistol and a battle rifle/carbine as their secondary weapon. they fired a charged blast from the plasma pistol at a suspecting target and quickly switch to BR and headshot to kill the enemy in lightning speed. called n00b combo because it's a combo only someone as lame as a n00b would use.

n00b combo meaning

In Halo2, the combination of the Plasma Pistol and Battle Rifle/Covenant Carbine. The charged plasma pistol shot will instantly drain the victims shield, followed quickly by a single shot to the head from a rifle. Called the n00b combo for any of several reasons: a: out of spite because it just killed you in under a second b: because it can be utilized by players of lesser skill to easily defeat those of exponentially higher skill. c: because the auto-aim in Halo2 is so significant that even a n00b could get kills with it. Particularly difficult to counter do to poor weapon balance in Halo2, use of this combo is seen as bad form or a sign of mediocre skill. 1>2

n00b combo meaning

The use of two basic weapons in Halo 2. These combos are usually, but not limited to: Plasma Pistol & SMG Plasma Pistol & Magnum Plasma Pistol & Plasma Rifle Plasma Pistol & Plasma Pistol Plasma Rifle & SMG Plasma Rifle & Magnum Plasma Rifle & Plasma Rifle The purpose of these weapons is to quickly take down the shield of an enemy which is what the plasma weapons specialize in. The human weapons combined with the plasma weapons make for a quick drop in your opponents shield and then some heavly delt damage after the shield goes down.

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N00b DNA meaning and definition

It's what's a N00b is full of. It's a weird DNA that's secretly inserted into certain people that make them act retarded. They become obnoxious, loud, socially retarded, attention whores, they act like they know everything when in reality they know nothing. N00b DNA is the reason for this, Frosh are also injected with N00b DNA.

n00bdom meaning and definition

1. A place where many players are highly inexperienced. 2. The state of being a n00b. 3. A place where n00bs gather. 4. A guild or group of players who are not considered to be skilled for their respective levels.

n00beaurate meaning and definition

n00beaurate is the female version of a n00b. It just so happens that in real life there are sum pretty n00bish gals hangin around so we l337 d00ds invented a name for em, hence n00beaurates.

n00bed meaning and definition

Being Killed by a n00b or noob while playing a game.


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