n00b nade meaning and definition

n00b nade meaning

A weapon in many FPS games that include the "n00b nade" such as BF2 or SoF2 give the user access to M203 or GP35 lauchable grenade from underneath the gun. Usually 1 hit kill weapon, the "n00b nade" is typically fired by someone who can't kill someone with bullets.

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N00bninja meaning and definition

A person obsessed with martial arts culture who, whilst confident they could kill a crocodile with their bare hands demonstrates little in the way of technical merit.

n00bocity meaning and definition

another spinoff of the word n00b

n00bocketed meaning and definition

To get blown up by a bazooka or rocket launcher on a videogame.

n00body meaning and definition

(n.) Like a n00b, but worse. This is a n00b that is a n00b, always will be a n00b, and probably always has been a n00b. The absolute most unimportant, inept sort of person imagineable.

n00b of the day meaning and definition

somone who does something so bad that they are the official n00b of the day


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