n00badellic meaning and definition

n00badellic meaning

That which is amazingly like something a n00b would do.

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n00bahol meaning and definition

n00bahol or n00baholic refers to the upmost addiction and desperation to be a n00b. People that cling to their n00bish lifestyles and gaming methods. They will usually digest several n00b hacks or cheats everyday to ensure their n00biness continues for ever.

n00baholic meaning and definition

Someone who is obsessed with responding to n00bs.

n00bairy pie meaning and definition

Someone who is a noob.

n00balicious meaning and definition

When something or someone is so bad at what they do (ex: Halo) that they are beyond a n00b, and you know they are.

n00ballistic meaning and definition

openly nooblar or possessing subnormal intelligence.


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