n00bdom meaning and definition

n00bdom meaning

1. A place where many players are highly inexperienced. 2. The state of being a n00b. 3. A place where n00bs gather. 4. A guild or group of players who are not considered to be skilled for their respective levels.

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n00beaurate meaning and definition

n00beaurate is the female version of a n00b. It just so happens that in real life there are sum pretty n00bish gals hangin around so we l337 d00ds invented a name for em, hence n00beaurates.

n00bed meaning and definition

Being Killed by a n00b or noob while playing a game.

n00ber meaning and definition

Noun; One who supports or acts similar to a n00b and/or acts under the principles of n00bism

n00berey meaning and definition

the act of being a n00b and/or acting like a n00b.


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