n00bish meaning and definition

n00bish meaning

(adj) Behavior similar to that of a n00b Of or relating to n00bs

n00bish meaning

Preferred adjectival form of 'n00b'.

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n00bishness meaning and definition

Noun form of 'n00bish'.

n00bism meaning and definition

A member of the n00bism religion. A religion where everybody is treated like n00bs, and if anyone acts otherwise, they are shot on the spot....

n00bissaur meaning and definition

The highest level of n00b. Absolutely no social skills, most likely very in to video games, and has intense computer prowess. Most likely seen with a giant backpack.

n00bist meaning and definition

one who follows the ways of a n00b or practices n00bism

n00bistan meaning and definition

A place for n00bs from the "-stan" countries (i.e. Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan...etc)


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