n00bistan meaning and definition

n00bistan meaning

A place for n00bs from the "-stan" countries (i.e. Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan...etc)

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n00bitalia meaning and definition

a term used to describe the state of a person's (in this case a virgin's or n00b's) genitals.

n00bitis meaning and definition

The medical condition by which a luser is a incurable n00b.

n00bitous meaning and definition

A terrible disease in which the victim becomes an utter and total n00b. There is currently no remedy and it is widely agreed that the best way to combat this terrible affliction is to beat one's self until the n00b demons are temporarily dislodged from the Prefrontal Cortex.

n00bitute meaning and definition

A inexperienced and/or unskilled prostitute.


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