n00bius maximus meaning and definition

n00bius maximus meaning

The biggest n00b possible only level 1 in world of warcraft, constantly getting pwn3d

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n00bivor meaning and definition

Like a carnivor (one that eats meat only) or herbivor (one that eats plants only), a n00bivor eats n00bs only. Pretty much a person who pwns n00bs 24/7 and is awesome at life.

n00bje meaning and definition

More extreme form of the word n00b and similar in meaning to nabje. Meaning beginner or newbie and used in online computer games such as counter-strike.

n00b juice meaning and definition

Special juice emitted from a n00b. Stinky and thick.

n00bkin meaning and definition

A term, which is used to describe n00bish boomkins in order to make them more useless. Well used in PvP.

n00bl0r meaning and definition

A stronger form of n00b or noob.


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