n00bsauce meaning and definition

n00bsauce meaning

a sauce in which n00b is purayed. if someone is being a n00b and pulls something worthy of a n00b, it was a move of n00bsauce.

n00bsauce meaning

//often unintelligent //sporadic //acts completely upon impulse //always left handed //can be seen carrying devices that are meant to be stationary as if they are mobile. //approx 5'7" //gingerly brown hair //approx 150lbs //squinty eyes //always a sandwich artist //speaks in code \\"i just beasted"\\ ((smurfish?)) //typically artistic - could be linked with autism //chases fireflies crossing the street \\"cross the street!!"\\ //lives on xboxlive //loathed by miniature pinschers

n00bsauce meaning

1. when a n00b goes beyond n00b to the point where he is suace....only worse hes n00b sauce 2. when a n00b haXors his way up to a high level through power leveling, gets twinked by a l33t or totally ninja loots all the bad asses helping he is said to be dripping in n00b sauce or a munchkin dripping in n00b sauce 3. when a 1337 455 player totally fucks up beyond compare he is said to have fallen in a bucket of n00b sauce.....tainted bastards shouldn't slip in like that

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N00b scope meaning and definition

This a type of quickscope, commonly used in call of Duty, where the person is aiming down their sights, and right before they shoot, they zoom out, and quickscope. It is legal to do in any quickscope match. Some people may claim it illegal, but it's not.

n00b scrub meaning and definition

what people call other people on live or psn when they don't want to prestige on mw2

n00bshock meaning and definition

When n00bs are offended by older versions of games they have only played the newer versions of.

n00bshop meaning and definition

A word that became strangely popularized by a guy named ElectroPiZZa in the JJ2 community, "n00bshop" basically means "newbie shop". As of today, it is completely meaningless, though. It is also the name of a satirical website, www.n00bshop.com.

n00bsickle meaning and definition

A n00b so fagtastic to the point where he has frozen himself solid. A fat ass, cold n00b, accidently locked in a grocery store freezer when he mistook a digorno pizza box for the newest War of Worldcraft expansion pack.


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