nabil meaning and definition

nabil meaning

a mad chill person whose a boss, playa, or just a brownie. One who gets muchachas like a monster.

nabil meaning

a boy's name of Arabic origin,means "noble, humble".Nabil has 1 variant form: Nabeel.

nabil meaning

The sweetest guy on the planet, he really means well, even though he sometimes screws up. One of the best friends you would ever have. Love all the Nabil you can get!

nabil meaning

the inner core of the ballsack

nabil meaning

a black ass motherfucking nig, who deals crack, and plays tenor.

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Nabila meaning and definition

People who act like bitch/slut. The one who always want to fuck someone penis. Sexy but dangerous.

nabilaa meaning and definition

Nabilaa is a very popular female Arabic name. Most girls or women with this name, on one side, tend to focus a lot on studies. They can also be very jumpy and fun to hang out with on another side. Nabilaas love to have lots of privacy too. They often care a lot about beauty too and are always prepared to go to a party.

Nabilah meaning and definition

Sexy kuri, attends woodford county. Suffers from mammory-deficiancy syndrome. Please e-mail in for details on how to donate to cure this terrible terrible condition.

nabilate meaning and definition

A word i just came up with to add to urban dictionary. Guess it could mean something like :to create out of boredom.

Nabilesque meaning and definition

NA•BIL•ESQUE Pronunciation: näbil’-ěsk' adjective 1. Related to being a strong leader who gets the job done. President Barack Obama is considered a man who shows very Nabilesque qualities. 2. Characterized as a victor who never backs down and does whatever it takes to succeed. After surviving testicular cancer, Lance Armstrong and his Nabilesque mentality went on to break records for the Tour De France. 3. Often related to espionage or careers relating to secrecy. An undercover agent for the CIA must pass a test and complete a rugged training course relating to very Nabilesque ideals. 4. The complex meaning has been applied in various ways to represent very similar things such defining power and defining success. Synonyms: Powerful, boss, winner, open minded, creative, intelligent, complex, active, hustler, stealthy, manipulative Antonyms: Weak, simple, ignorant, untrustworthy, Etymology: The word is of Arabic origin meaning “noble,” Of or relating to Nabil. Word first appeared in 1991.