nachelle meaning and definition

nachelle meaning

Oh, Nachelle.Nachelle is a name given by ones parents when they have a slip up and don't really give a shit what their child is called.Nachelle, Michelle...tomatoe, tomato

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nachel rewman meaning and definition

a really big whore, a boyfriend stealer,a dirty slut, one who dresses provocatively, one who sleeps with every person they meet and loves to put large penises in her mouth.

nacheous meaning and definition

adj. The feeling one has after eating too many nachos.

Nacherone meaning and definition

Robert Palmer's favorite food combo: Nachos with pepperonis on top.

naches meaning and definition

A substitution for any word. Also can just be used to express emotions.

Nacheyla meaning and definition

A person that's trustworthy,who knows how to fight,doesn't mess with fake friends,and has a big butt.