nachopalegic meaning and definition

nachopalegic meaning

A condition which leaves one unable to move from ingesting unhealthy amounts of greasy or heavy food.

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nacho party meaning and definition

A sexual act in which a large number of men ejaculate into another man's stretched-out asshole, and then eat eat nacho chips using their semen as dip.

nacho patch meaning and definition

A ladies well groomed nether region

Nacho Perez meaning and definition

A person who almost works full shifts. Always has excuse to come in late or leave early. Also has to eat lunch exactly at 1100am or he/she will turn into mean gremlin.

nacho platter meaning and definition

The nacho platter is the sexual act of placing chips on your partners chest, then substituting for the by beans by taking a giant shit over the chips followed by vomiting over the beans in substitution for the guacamole and finally the coupe de' grace of ejaculating on top of it all to replace the sour cream and there you have it, a nacho platter.

Nacho provo meaning and definition

A sectarian bigot from the bogside who spouts vile comments about poor huns when full of buckfast. In honour of legenday Rangers toolbag Nacho Novo. Fond of Alaskan pipelines