nagrivated meaning and definition

nagrivated meaning

The feeling one gets when the wife (or other significant) will not let up regarding your doing something.

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nagry meaning and definition

nagry is worse than angry because its hardcore!!! no smiling

nags head meaning and definition

Town located in the outer banks, north carolina. The most awesome place ever. The outer banks has some of the best surf on the east coast especially hatteras.

Nah bruh meaning and definition

Something stupid that stupid people say. It comes from 'No, brother', but obviously is much more clever to use 'No' instead of all these stupid combination of stupid slangs.

nail-bat meaning and definition

A wooden object with a single, or several, protruding sharp objects, typically of carpenter-nail design. Used to injure, maim or kill.

nail clipper meaning and definition

What you (may or may not) use to clip your nails.