nail-bat meaning and definition

nail-bat meaning

A baseball bat with nails sticking out of it.

nail-bat meaning

A stick, club, or plank made of wood with a sharp object, typically a nail, protruding from the broad end.

nail-bat meaning

A wooden object with a single, or several, protruding sharp objects, typically of carpenter-nail design. Used to injure, maim or kill.

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nail clipper meaning and definition

What you (may or may not) use to clip your nails.

nailed it meaning and definition

To do something which is more grand than stereotypically expected

nail polish remover meaning and definition

Rikolov or other cheap shitty vodka. It is so dubbed because of its aftertaste which is very rough and burns, hypothesized to be similar to the taste of nail polish remover.

Nair meaning and definition

The equivalent of burning shit in a container. Leaves red splotches all over your legs and will burn off your finger nails if left on long enough.

naisu meaning and definition

Japanese pronunciation of "nice".