nailed it meaning and definition

nailed it meaning

you completed a task successfully or got something right . ie :You nailed it to the cross.

nailed it meaning

Gets it spot-on, is correct, absolutely wins the argument (UK)

nailed it meaning

That's right, on the money, perfection, you guessed it. Spot on. Also mean sex, but in this situation it means 'correct'

nailed it meaning

To do something which is more grand than stereotypically expected

nailed it meaning

When you see something that is done well. ie. Copying something you see on Pinterest. Then you try it and fail.Said sarcastically, "nailed it"!

nailed it meaning

To prevail,to win,to triumph.

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nailed on meaning and definition

A certainty. Probably.

Nailed the coffin meaning and definition

When someone said the funny/joke/hillarious things about that person but they got offended instead

Nailed to the ceiling meaning and definition

When you're both hammered and high at the same time.

nailed to the cross meaning and definition

when someone is in a fight and gets totaly beaten up, then he is nailed to the cross. also the same in a discussion. when you talk shit you'll get nailed to the cross ( like jezus )

naileen meaning and definition

Naileen is a witty person who is also a boss ass bitch! She loves Matt Espinosa and is super bad ass!