Ochinchin meaning and definition

Ochinchin meaning

Ochinchin is a word used by young Japanese children, mostly boys, to refer to a penis. It's usually used in an innocent, teasing context. In true shota, it is used a lot.

Ochinchin meaning

A slang term used by children in Japan as a replacement for the word "Penis" (like in america "willy/weenie")

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Ochinpo meaning and definition

Its one of many ways of saying penis In Japanese

OCS meaning and definition

Only-Child-Syndrome a teenager or young adult that still acts like a self-centered little bitchbaby because they were coddled by their parents for their entire lives. These motherfuckers will get mad if you forget their birthday, or miss even the smallest of parties or events. They will likely have close relationships with their neighbors to make up for the lack of siblings. They think that they are entitled to everything and are spoiled rotten by their parents and grandparents. You will likely find them complaining or more commonly whining. They are so sheltered, they likely have little knowledge on any adult-topics and an even greater lack of social skills. Do not get involved with an only child.

Octavia meaning and definition

A very hot chick. She's the kind of woman that every man wants to be with. She's so hot.

Octomom meaning and definition

From one scumbag, 14. Where my tax dollars are going. She's a joker, she's a smoker, she's a midnight toker- and she bought it with your money.

octopussy meaning and definition

Roger Moore's sixth Bond film which involved a plot about trading counterfeit Romanov jewelry for a nuclear device that would be exploded in an American airbase in West Germany. The villains were Kamal Khan (Louis Jourdan) and General Orlov (Steven Berkoff) Maud Adams plays the title role of Octopussy, making this her second time to act in the Bond series. Kristina Wayborn also plays a love interest in this. I consider this to be one of the better Bond movies made.


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