o6 meaning and definition

o6 meaning

a secret location in mill valley, california where everyone goes to smoke weed at lunch and on saturday. a hangout for the stoners.

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o9k meaning and definition

Short for over nine thousand

oaaaaa meaning and definition

Once an asshole,always an asshole!

OAB meaning and definition

Short for Overly Attached Boyfriend.A gender swapped version of a meme called "Overly Attached Girlfriend (OAG)." A man who hovers, clings, and obsessively stalks his romantic interest into submission.

OAD meaning and definition

Off all day. When a member of the service industry has an entire day off; as opposed to off in the morning, off in the evening, or doubling

OAE meaning and definition

Acronym for Original Ass Eater, often sung to the tune OPP.


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