Pansexualizm meaning and definition

Pansexualizm meaning

The philosophy , teaching and act of having an acceptance of and accepting all sexual orientations, being Homosexual, Heterosexual, Bisexual, or Pansexual.

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pansito manito meaning and definition

1)A half caucasian, half central/native/sanish american, pansy. 2)Just another way of calling somebody a pansy

Pants-cuff meaning and definition

1.) The action of putting pants on a slut to the point they ought to never come off.2.) What needs done when a girl's ass can be seen when she's wearing shorts/a skirt.

pants down meaning and definition

Used to substitute the age old saying "hands down".

pantsed meaning and definition

If you've lost a game of pool without sinking a ball, you are supposed to dack yourself and run around the table with your pants at your ankles.

Pantsexual meaning and definition

PantsexualA term referring to the unique sexual orientation where the gender or orientation of a love interest doesn't matter as long as they have excellent taste in trousers.