Pringles meaning and definition

Pringles meaning

The company whose initial intention was to make tennis balls.

Pringles meaning

More addictive than heroin.

Pringles meaning

pringles is a term used in Street fighter games. when a char blocks an attack,(mostly special), they in turn receive block, tick or CHIP damage, hence saying or describing the person as the brand name that produces them.

Pringles meaning

a delectable yet salty snack often found in long tubes which can be used to amplify weak Wireless signals.

Pringles meaning

Chips in a tube! 'nuff said

Pringles meaning

A strangely shaped tasty snack which is sometimes considered to be a drug

Pringles meaning

A chip that is most famous for being "grease-free." Great for computer nerdds that don't want to get their keyboards greasy while they're snacking.

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Pringles can meaning and definition

The amount of time it takes one to fill a pringles can with sperm.

Priscilla Hilton meaning and definition

A very famous rapper with amazing credentials. Loves mexican Hot dogs and Shooting up. Often seen with her True friend Rebekah Rube.

Pritt Stick meaning and definition

A famous brand of glue sticks.

Private Jet meaning and definition

(n): A joint or blunt consisting of only one or two heads.

private party meaning and definition

seriously I can't believe i'm the first person to put this in... then again its not really an urban word...n. party of close friends with few if any outsiders, typically in someone's house/basement/garage/apartment above the garage. typically involves large amounts of alcohol and shenanigans