Priya meaning and definition

Priya meaning

1. Name meaning "beloved one" in Sanskrit--the oldest language in the world. Believed in ancient times, that people with the name Priya, usually born in August according to indian traditions, are unique and beautiful in their own way. 2. A girl for houston, texas. Who is funny, smart, and gorgeous.

Priya meaning

An Indian name meaning "beloved" or "darling." Most commonly used with girls names, and pronounced "pree-yah." (Also my middle name).

Priya meaning

A beautiful british indian girl who is the most beautiful girl in the world and with a personality and character to match.

Priya meaning

An amazing south asian girl who a little crazy, but completely and always the BEST. She knows how to have fun but be a brain at the exact same time. She is talented, has skills, and will go far!!!!

Priya meaning

Gift from god An angel sent from above a loved one who seems to be up to something new everyday has great friends.

Priya meaning

An indian girls name, usally with black long hair, tied in plaits. She has alot of friends, is quite pretty, and is very random, and people love her for it!

Priya meaning

a name for a girl who's perfect. she's beautiful, sweet, nice, and generous. she'll always be a good help. her name which also means 'beloved' or 'darling' prounounced as 'Preyah' She is always loved. By no matter what. She's clingy because she cares. She will always forgive but never forget. Once she finds the right guy, she won't let him go. She is loyal. She likes hugs, cuddling, and random compliments. The more you find out about her, the more you develop feelings for her. She's something, something magical. Perfect. Just Perfect she is. We love you, priya.

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