pale skin beauty meaning and definition

pale skin beauty meaning

A pale skin girl that is very beautiful, often resembling a porcelain doll.

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palinoia meaning and definition

1. Obsession with Sarah Palin.2. Fear of Sarah Palin.3. The belief that Sarah Palin is the stupidest, most dangerous woman...or person...on the entire planet and would set "women's lib" back 100 years.4. The ability to condemn and entire state (Alaska), and entire group (Republicans), an entire sex (Republican women) or even a friend, because they don't hate Sarah Palin with the same passion you enjoy.5. Continual references to Sarah Palin, over trivial and inconsequential gossip, thereby giving her publicity and keeping her name in the spotlight.6. The ability to bore people to death with endless rants about Sarah Palin.

pallas meaning and definition

Social ranking applied to a freind, or oneself, facetiously assuming self-worth similar to palace residents. Typically refers to people who falsely assume they have greater worth than is realistic (especially prevalent in the modern day game of golf).

Pallet town bitch meaning and definition

When playing a card or board game and all player focus on making a single player lose, that player is the "Pallet town bitch"

PalletTownHeroes meaning and definition

Awesome guy on youtube who made the best abridged series ever, Pokemon Abridged. He made 15 awesome and pretty popular episodes, but was recently banned for copyright infringement...

palli meaning and definition

a couple name. the sweetest pair you'll ever meet.