palooza meaning and definition

palooza meaning

an all-out crazy party; partying at one place with a ton of people like there's no tomorrow

palooza meaning

A crazy fuckin party whose purpose is to re-release an indivivual back into the world of dating when their significant other dumps them, ending a long term relationship.

palooza meaning

The art of throwing a very drunken extravagent party with a plethora of friends. Whoever is throwing the palooza usually adds their name as a prefix to the word. Paloozas are usually held on Wednesday.

palooza meaning

Suffix, added to almost any word or term, such as "fun-a-palooza" or "drink-a-palooza".

palooza meaning

A party that usually lasts for the whole night. And non stop fun

palooza meaning

It means fucking nothing.

palooza meaning

A big Norwegian festival.

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Palos Verdes meaning and definition

If you like nightlife, urban life, and excitement, do not go to Palos Verdes. It is boring. PV consists of four cities: Rancho Palos Verdes, Palos Verdes Estates, Rolling Hills, and Rolling Hills Estates. Demographics? the median age is about 45 years old, about 75% white, 20% Asian, and the remaining 5% a mix of other ethnicities. PV is on the Palos Verdes Peninsula. About a million years ago, it was an island and so it has plant and insect life unseen elsewhere on the North American continent. There are rare birds and butterflies. Do you care? No, you don't. Because it is on a peninsula, it is surrounded by water on three sides and there is nowhere to go. Those who come to visit invariably end up turning around and going home. The high schools are too hard. While many kids go on to Ivy league schools, the majority just go to Berkely, UCLA, UCI, and UCSD. If you come to PV from outside, the people seem rich, old, and the atmosphere intimidating. If you live there, the people no longer seem rich, but they continue to be fairly old.

Pampered Chef meaning and definition

A male recieving Head while cooking food at the stove.

Pan-Asian meaning and definition

A term intended to be derogatory; used against young, skinny, good-looking, Japanese/Italian men named Jimmy who are visiting the "armpit of America", also known as Detroit, MI. The term "Pan-Asian" is often used by corpulent, balding, middle-aged white males wearing XXL Hawaiian-print button up shirts while drunkenly bragging about running for Congress, as a result of being told they would get zero votes for the fact that they are "douche-bags". Sidenote: these fat white men do not appreciate being thwarted by the infamous "fakeshake" maneuver, wherein said Pan-Asian offers to shake hands, and instead quickly pulls hand away to comb side of head and obnoxiously yells, "Psyche!"