pro-abortion meaning and definition

pro-abortion meaning

One step beyond pro-choice. Polar opposite of pro-life. Origin: I hate sharing my shit with my younger siblings. I wish those bastards would have been aborted.

pro-abortion meaning

The popular belief that abortion is a very affective & usefull means of curbing overpopulation. Abortion is prevention. Pro-abortionists unlike pro-choicers believe that abortion should be mandatory if you have had more than your fair shair of kids.

pro-abortion meaning

The act of aborting your own babies.

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Probable Cause meaning and definition

The "law" that allows cops to unjustly arrest minorities in America.

Probs meaning and definition

the word prob is a short word for the word problem,

Process of elimination meaning and definition

the sequence in which you remove your lover's clothes one piece at a time

pro-choice meaning and definition

A social disposition that concludes that the only thing worse than abortion is the government having the authority to tell you whether you will/will not have one. Many, if not most pro-choice believers do not relish abortion, but are committed to keeping the government out of our bedrooms, sex lives, and nurseries. Although to a typical black/white, bible-thumping, attack dog anti-choice fundie, this automatically means that a pro-choicer not only loves abortions, but has obviously had several. Not true.

Procon meaning and definition

The nickname given to someone when it has been decided that that they are more likely of two persons that you would rather engage in coitus with.