Q17 meaning and definition

Q17 meaning

The answer to all questions or inquiries.

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Q2 meaning and definition

A short and to some people (like myself) slightly confusing when you first see it, way of saying "cutie" online.

Q2C meaning and definition

Sexting term for "Quick to come"

q2k meaning and definition

This comes from the Bulgarian word "киутук" that means - flop.The word is Q - "kiu" - 2 - "to" - k. Q2K - kiutuk - киутук.It is mostly used in bulgarian language.

q3 meaning and definition

The first person shooter computer game Quake III Arena. Developer: id Software

Q33 NYC meaning and definition

A very raceist joke that means nothing in Times New Roman. But if one translates Q33 NYC into Wingdings, one will get a picture of a plane heading towards the twin towers followed by a skull and crossbones, the Jewish Star of David, and a thumbs up. 


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