Q4 meaning and definition

Q4 meaning

The fourth quarter of the calendar year lasting from October 1 to December 31. Also the quarter when most video games are released.

Q4 meaning

The ultimate hand in poker. You will always win with these 2 cards. No matter what.

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Q45 meaning and definition

infiniti's flagship sedan directly competing with the mercedes S class, audi A8, bmw 7 series, etc. the first generation Q (1990-1996) was equipped with a 4.5 liter V8 producing 278 bhp and had an option for a air suspension. the second generation's (1997-2001) engine was downgraded to a 4.1 liter engine producing 266hp and offered xenon headlights. the current Q (2002-present) returns with the 4.5 engine but with more output, 340hp. its also optional with 7 lens xenon headlights, heated and cooled seats, and a rear-mounted camera.

q4e meaning and definition

Q4E: Quoted For Emphasis. Usually used on forms.

q4h meaning and definition

Medical term meaning every 4 hours.

Q4Q meaning and definition

* question - for - question * send a question on formspring.me to get one back

Q4T meaning and definition

Variation of the acronym QFT (Quoted for Truth), replacing the word 'for' with the numeral four. Used mainly on internet forums.


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