Q9R42 meaning and definition

Q9R42 meaning

Q9R42 is a longer version of the word "Q9R". Q9R means the entity of all games, and 42 is from a famous book called "the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy" and means "the meaning of life. The whole word, "Q9R42" means, gaming is the way of life.

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QA meaning and definition

Short for Quality Assurance. This is usually a group within a business that monitors the quality of work that it's employees are doing. More specifically with phone customer service work, they grade a certain amount of calls each month to make sure that certain guidelines and quality standards are being met.

qaal meaning and definition

1. The Quebec Association for Adult Learning2. Crawdaddy's word for "cool"

Qaanit meaning and definition

A concieted person which can be so sexy at times but quite a douche at other times

Qaanita meaning and definition

n.The obedient one (Arabic) ((Used as a name))v.To follow rules made by people of authority


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