QP meaning and definition

QP meaning

Quarter Pound of weed.

QP meaning

Shorthand for a quarter-pound of marijuana. A bulk purchase quantity for a heavy smoker or a smoker/supplier of close friends; but not a dope dealer. (SEE: discussion of lb)

QP meaning

1. Quarter Pound of weed. 2. Quarter Pounder burger from McDonald's.

QP meaning

its a dick and ballz look reall close and youll see it

QP meaning

quarter pound. refers to any drug sold by weight.

QP meaning

quater pound of marijuana

QP meaning

A quarter pound of bud. Prices vary.

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Q pac meaning and definition

The term used to define anyone that goes to Quinnipiac College. I believe it was started by Yalies that don't appreciate the tools that go to Qpac coming into New Haven on the Qpac bus. (Yes, they have a bus that drops them off and picks them up after binge drinking and usually right after they have vomited on the streets of New Haven.)

QPAD meaning and definition

Noun, acronym for "Quite Possibly A Dude"

qpalwoskeidjrufhtygzmxncbv meaning and definition

Almost as far as the road of boredom goes. Coupled with zmalqpxnskwocndjeivbfhrugty, which is typing every letter backwards diagonally alternating across the keyboard starting with z, then m, a, l, etc. until you end up at y, qpalwoskeidjrufhtgygzmxncbv is accomplished by doing the same forwards with the first two rows and zmxncbving the last row.One can barely show more extreme signs of boredom, for this term and the referred one actually DON'T show many resuts at all.

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if u read this u have no life

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When you go down the keyboard side to side at the same time, out of sheer boredom. Sometimes you do it at home , but you mostly do it in chemistry , or English class.


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