QPOD meaning and definition

QPOD meaning

Quarter pound of diarrhea, a common effect on your bowels after eating pretty much any type of fast food. Mostly McDonald's. If you want to have an rectum and an anus left by the time you are 30, eat clean!!! And #KeepPounding

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Q-Point meaning and definition

The mark of your class' dumbest Asian girl is the Q-point. Any marks above this is known as a Q+ Any marks below this is known as a Q-.Getting Q- usually results in an automatic fail on that exam/assignment/quiz/course.Mathematically, the PDF of the Q-point is Rayleigh distributed (With Marks on the X-axis, from 0% to 100%)

Q-pon meaning and definition

East coast pronunciation for a piece of paper that gives you money off a product you're buying

QPotuffin meaning and definition

Quite Possibly the best selection of words a person could ever put together in a sentence. Ever.

qpp meaning and definition

Queer Platonic Partner

QPQ meaning and definition

QPQ = quid pro quo or "this for that", meaning an exchange, usually even or fair. A basic principle in maintaining relationships and partnerships.


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