Qaasiem meaning and definition

Qaasiem meaning

Being a boy who is loyal and being epic.

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QAB meaning and definition

Acronym: Queer Ass Bitch. Definition: Someone who unneccessarily attains a state of high emotional distress.

qabacho meaning and definition

cabbages on top of nachos

qabar meaning and definition

maltese word for grave or a place of burial

Qaboos meaning and definition

Arabic name, means the good looking -nice skin colored- guy.Qaboos has to be a leader and so much fun, everyone loves having Qaboos as a friend! he might be lazy but can be hard working.never underestimate a Qaboos and never mess with him either.The first thing you notice about him is his interesting personality, he is one handsome dreamer.

Qabul meaning and definition

The smartest, smart-mouthed, ghetto wannabe girl you'll ever meet. She knows her sh*t, loves food, and judges your eating habits. Over enthusiastic, and loud, this chick is f*cking crazy.