Qbin meaning and definition

Qbin meaning

Qbin should not be mistaken for a Cuban person. But a name for a cool or awesome person with dread locks. Not to be used or taken lightly.

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qbipp meaning and definition

The spot of scare tissue and surrounding flesh formed from the flower blossom located at the bottom of a tomato.

QB Kneel meaning and definition

A QB Kneel is a play in football where one team's Quarterback hikes the ball and kneels down on one knee. This play is also known as the pussy play, because it shows that the team with the ball is scared of the defense.

qbl meaning and definition

QBL means Queer Bender Licker

Q-blast meaning and definition

also known as queef blastin. q-blasting is a queef so powerful that it is categorized as a "blast" one major side effect among many others is known as "cft" otherwise known as cunt force trauma wherein the victim is sprayed with pussy sauce so forcefully that the victim's DNA bonds with the pussy sauce. the victim then forever smells like pussy sauce until his dying days. q-blasting is also known to be the #1 cause of homelessness across the world

QBLB meaning and definition

Quit being a little Bitch.


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