Qorq meaning and definition

Qorq meaning

The act of getting head and texting while driving.

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qorse meaning and definition

a gay word that sean made up

QoS meaning and definition

Shit and shenanigans

Qosis meaning and definition

1. Qosis is the defusion of common sense and destruction of the spiral helix 1(a). Has been known to cause the X chromosome to revert back to it's early stages and cause retardation in weaker species 2. Slang used by "Gamers" to describe an Uber Noob 3. Qosis is also defined as being the second stage in post-op, transgender, surgical, member re-location.

qotaiba meaning and definition

noun adjective verb pronounan annoying ass mothalova, can be chilled sometimes, mostly a popcorn playa likes taking pictures of himself naked then sends it to random girls, usually taller than ahmed by a few inches, a criminal juvi/prison is his second home. his own parents never see him except when they visit him in juvi/prison, doesnt know the difference between weed and crack so he might be on either one when met.

qotd meaning and definition

Quote of the day; usually used on daily updated sites, IRC topics or similar places. Alternatives include QotW/M/Y for Quote of the Week, Month and Year.


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