qani meaning and definition

qani meaning

He's got a blasting personality and will make your day without even trying. He cares about other more than himself and is a fun person to be around.

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Qaninyo meaning and definition

This is a Somali slang! meaning GOSSIP!!. Its somehow different from the normal gossip since it can either be expressed negatively by backbiting or saying bad things about an individual(s) and positively by giving compliments or saying good things about people.Its also addictive and sometimes its believed jokingly when people QANINYO you!!, you tend to feel uncomfortable and some sort of a heavy load on you. In other words you feel people are talking about you.

qannik meaning and definition

Qannik means snowflake or snowfall.

qannon meaning and definition

when a girl shoots a dildo/vibrator out of her vagina with a queef

Qanoe meaning and definition

Oval shaped object used to go qanoing in. Alternative spelling 'canoe', but preferably spelt with 'q'

qantaray meaning and definition

a type of scope lense on top of a sniper rifle.