qaryl meaning and definition

qaryl meaning

When your barber uses a lawn mower to cut your hair

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qarysma meaning and definition

Qarysma is a wonderful girl everyone loves to talk to her and when someone stands in her she will not take it. She is gorgeous and bad. A very loving person if you get to know her don't ever doubt her . She hates getting gifts from people she likes to work for her things. Overall you should always keep her as a friend or gf! She has a great body a big butt to but don't take it for granted!.

QAS meaning and definition

QAS or Quivering Anus Syndrome. The stress related affliction when an individual's anus quivers uncontrollably immediately prior to or during a highly pressurized or nerve-wrecking situation. As the individual is under duress the anus quivering may lead to body spasms or verbalizations of the stressed individual's mindset. Extreme cases lead to a phenomenon known as rectal resonance (RR), manifestations of RR often include involuntary feces expulsion and can be highly amusing/unpleasant/pleasant for bystanders. QAS is a reckonisable condition and can be likened to, but is not the same as 'Shitting one's pants in fear".

QASAS meaning and definition

A bunch of cunts that think they are important.

qaseem meaning and definition

One badass mofo that knows how to really keep a group chat active. Some say that he is the reincarnation of Kurt Cobain, whilst lots of others would refer to him as a hipster

Qasi meaning and definition

The ancient art that you use to answer questions.