qaseem meaning and definition

qaseem meaning

One badass mofo that knows how to really keep a group chat active. Some say that he is the reincarnation of Kurt Cobain, whilst lots of others would refer to him as a hipster

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Qasi meaning and definition

The ancient art that you use to answer questions.

Qasid meaning and definition

A person who is completely out of it and seems to be intoxicated 24/7 He or she doesn't pick up on things right away and it takes a while for them to process He or She doesn't like the beatles, yet likes crappy mainstream.

qasim meaning and definition

1. Roots in Arabic meaning "The most handsom person on planet earth"2. Hebrew meaning: "Saviour of the world"3. Urdu meaning: " my hero . my love"

QAST meaning and definition

QAST means "Quality Ass-Sitting Time". This would entail time after work watching TV, drinking beer, farting etc.Great word to use in Scrabble when you don't have a U on your rack.

qaswedfrtghyujkiolpmnbvcxz meaning and definition

Simply put, the final stage of boredom, where you type the top row key then the middle key from left to right, then the bottom row right to left.