R35P3C7 meaning and definition

R35P3C7 meaning

like RESPECT ;-) easy

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r3ality meaning and definition

The biggest fucken loser, who writes definitions for himself that are soooo SAD

r3aper meaning and definition

A name given to a very angry, depressed adult who's normally hooked on some addictive game, e.g. Runescape, or WoW. Often unsafe to be around due to sudden fits of anger or rage.

r3dhead meaning and definition

A redhead so unique that a typical spelling is just not adequate. Usually from Chicago, but nomadic in nature. Three times fiery in temper and sex drive. She will stop a room with her charms and a man in her arms.Many mistake the 3 as an ode to Emin3m, in fact he ode's to the r3dhead.

R3Gal3R meaning and definition

An AWESOME CWALKer ON YOUTUBE! She is a Swaggerific asian girl. she lives in Canada. she is very talented , awesome friend and freakin cool. HER real name is renee gale r.

R3gg43Dr1v1ng meaning and definition

Pronounced "Reggae Driving" 1. It is the essence of cruising in a relaxed state of mind. 2. To be calm and collective yet be responsive and skillful. Some variations include R3gg43Dr1v3 and R3gg43Dr1v3n.


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