R3ptile meaning and definition

R3ptile meaning

Fat n00b cs player

R3ptile meaning

The main host of Havokfest. He also coded dread for ircii.

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r3rl meaning and definition

The best way to say real.

r3sp3ct meaning and definition

R3sp3ct was first used by the legend that is Rees on one of the greatest b-anter forums the world has ever seen. Since then its popularity has grown and grown and is used frequently by the legends of b-anter.

r3t4rd meaning and definition

hAx0r for retard. used by ppl on online chat and online games.

r3trace meaning and definition

A cupcake named Pickle who likes to change nouns into verbs. He has a vagina on his foot with friendly trolls in it, and once sold himself to pay back meritsofhonor for breaking his squeaky boobs.

r3v meaning and definition

To lose control and crash a BMW E30 3 Series due to driver inexperience and the simplicity of the rear suspension. Also usually due to rain and the driver's cheapness, the tires are bald Nankangs.


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