R5 meaning and definition

R5 meaning

In the world of movie piracy, R5, or Region 5, is a kind of professional release to counter the widespread of Telecines. Studios release these R5 retails in Russia much earlier than a movie would actually appear on DVD. Quality is almost always better than TS or CAM and a little better/the same as a Screener.

R5 meaning

An amazing band made up of Riker, Rydel, Rocky, and Ross Lynch and their best friend Ellington Ratliff.

R5 meaning

The name of a band, with members Ross, Rydel, Riker, Rocky, and Ratliff

R5 meaning

Proof that you don't need talent to get a record label. A crap Disney band made up of 4 siblings and their friend, they call themselves pop rock, however, they are nowhere near anything rock. Pop rock is a made up piece of shit used by bands like R5 to have an excuse to call themselves rock.Positive things about R5: -------Nope, I got nothing. Negative things about R5: (too many to list)

R5 meaning

Fucking horrible Disney sponsored band. Every song they have every released is about a failing relationship and has no lyrical value whatsoever. They pretend to play instruments but really can't nor can they sing to save a life. Their fanbase is mostly girls from the ages of 8-13 and will pretty much buy anything they release, no matter how shitty or fucking horrible it is.

R5 meaning

Homosexual. This term started on an irc channel #nsane-chat and has been used frequently since.

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r5er meaning and definition

One who obsesses over the band R5 consisting of Rydel Riker Ross Rocky and Ratliff Sometimes the obsession even goes to fangirling over Ryland who is not in the band but their younger brother

r5family meaning and definition

the best fuckin fandom ever

R5 LiNE meaning and definition

An R5 DVD rip with usually English audio dubbed over.

r6 meaning and definition

A shortform for Rainbow Six. A Tom Clancey game, in which MF owns all.

R60 meaning and definition

A term used to describe the act of drawing graffiti on objects like railcars when with ones crew. Pulling an R60 is also associated with pulling a Rourke.


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