R60 meaning and definition

R60 meaning

A term used to describe the act of drawing graffiti on objects like railcars when with ones crew. Pulling an R60 is also associated with pulling a Rourke.

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R6s meaning and definition

Best Motorcycle ever in production by the Yamaha Company

R700 meaning and definition

The Remington 700 bolt-action sniper rifle is one of the oldest sniper rifles to be used in modern combat. Invented in 1962, this impressive sniper rifle has played a huge part in the War on Terror. This weapon has also been used in several video games, such as Modern Warfare 2. This weapon scores well on Accuracy, Damage, and Range. Since this weapon is a bolt-action rifle, it scores low on fire rate. This gun is also very long, so it is not very easy to move around with. It scores low on mobility.

R7M meaning and definition

The slowest person ever

R8 meaning and definition

like reet alright or hello a word to signify your presence or to signal hat you understand pronounced ray-te it is in common useage in northen british towns

R80 meaning and definition

R80 - say it slowly: R 80 R eigh tee R A T RAT Often seen in sewers, the Park End Stand, or various student houses. R80 does a law degree, says "is right", loves chicken and stella.


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