R8 meaning and definition

R8 meaning

r8 "rate" In most cases it's just a contraction of Alright Originates, possibly, from Northern England1. adverb Used to show agreement to a statement or instruction, or to ask if another person agrees with a statement or instruction. Similar in use to "alright"2. adverb Used for additional emphasis Like "very"3. interjection Used as a greeting, like hello Also has the added benefit of asking "all right?" at the same time4. noun Refers to the Audi R8. A sports car introduced by German manufacturer Audi in 2006

R8 meaning

Beautifully constructed, German engineered, super-car of Audi. Relatively affordable for what it is/has (4.2 litre V8 - 415 hp, or 5.0 litre V10 - 610 hp). A true performer any respecting VW/Audi owner would covet in their driveways.

R8 meaning

Short for Allright because if you say it it sounds like a northern allright "arrreiiighhtt".

R8 meaning

like reet alright or hello a word to signify your presence or to signal hat you understand pronounced ray-te it is in common useage in northen british towns

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R80 meaning and definition

R80 - say it slowly: R 80 R eigh tee R A T RAT Often seen in sewers, the Park End Stand, or various student houses. R80 does a law degree, says "is right", loves chicken and stella.

r8pe meaning and definition

r8pe is a word that derives from the word rape, it means to get completely owned by your online adversary. This usually results in t-bagging in a superior degree, n00bs are the victim of many r8pes. Different types of r8pes include1. the no-scope- to get a head shot without zooming 2. the falcon pawnch- to get punched( or stabbed) in the face 3. the one chance grenade- to throw a grenade randomly around the map to hit a n00b going for a power weapon 4. the untouched- to kill a opponent without receiving damage back

r8 revolver meaning and definition

The R8 Revolver was, at one point, the most overpowered weapon in the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) and was essentially a pocket AWP. For those of you who don't play CSGO, the AWP is a staggeringly powerful sniper rifle that can normally kill in one shot, as long as it hits above the legs. It also costs a lot of in-game money (4250 dollars) which would normally take at least three in-game rounds to gather. The R8 was a version of that which could not only be carried as a sidearm, but was also a paltry $850. The R8 was in fact better than the AWP, as it had perfect running accuracy, excellent armor penetration and a secondary rapid-fire option. The weapon was so overpowered, that the creators of the game, Valve, who are famous for doing things very slowly, took a mere two days to nerf the weapon, making it a total piece of shit.

r9k meaning and definition

An image board on 4chan created as an experiment in original content. Devolved into emo bullshit and was axed in January of 2011. Has since been resurrected on other sites, most successfully on 4chon.net

RA meaning and definition

Resident Advisor, Resident Assistant - In a university residence hall (dorm), an RA is a student leader. They keep order, serve as a resource to residents, organize events, and generally work to maintain a positive living and learning community. Some residents do not like RAs because they see them only as authority figures who get them in trouble for policy violations.


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