R80 meaning and definition

R80 meaning

R80 - say it slowly: R 80 R eigh tee R A T RAT Often seen in sewers, the Park End Stand, or various student houses. R80 does a law degree, says "is right", loves chicken and stella.

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RAAAAAAPE meaning and definition

An expression that should be used primarily on XBOX Live that will demoralize and humiliate someone that just wouldn't STFU over the Headset. Obviously....it should be yelled as loud as possible...almost screamed out

RAAAAWWWRRRRR meaning and definition

Wookie jizzing on a Bitch

raab himself meaning and definition

Also known as Matt Damon's nephew.

Rabbit Tobacco meaning and definition

a term, used mostly in the southern United States, for marijuana

rabdash dood meaning and definition

someone who is really cool, usually the joker!


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