RA5PBERRY meaning and definition

RA5PBERRY meaning

The embodyment of all travian-based pwnage. The koolest person on travian

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Raa meaning and definition

Raa - A very slow thinking teenager who has spent to much time on the bong. He also enjoy's eating, sleeping, harassing neighbours, holding his dick, and laughing at retards.

raaaa meaning and definition

handsworth/birmingham ghettofied word, used mostly by black/asian people, a version of 'wow' or 'oh my god'

Raaaaaaaa meaning and definition

What you say when you see a really fit bird.

raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaghhhh meaning and definition

The noise made when completely destroying someone at anything.

raaaaaaaaaaal meaning and definition

a phrase commonly used by barrow in furness youths, ie. raaaaaaaaaal, usually used when somebody is hyper or laughing uncontrolably at something or someone. it is used as a replacement of laughing.


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