RBA meaning and definition

RBA meaning

Random Boner Attack: when one randomly gets a boner.

RBA meaning

RBA is a term describing a person who drinks excessive amounts of the energy drink known as 'Red Bull'. Can also describe the addiction to, as in 'I have an RBA (red bull addiction)'

RBA meaning

random boner awareness

RBA meaning

Real Badass; someone who constantly defies society's standards.

RBA meaning

An acronym for Random Ball Ache, literally from nowhere pain is felt in the genitalia (male) area, this often leads to the necessity of a reshuffle or rearrangement of the aforementioned testicles to relieve the pressure.

RBA meaning

RBA (rotten box association)used to discribe a woman(s)vagina that has a foul smell. Originated in minto high school, Minto, north dakota

RBA meaning

This stands for Rape Bait Academy, a popular tumblr blog where girls who want to get raped go.

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Rbad meaning and definition

1. An individual who engages in sexual intercourse with goats. 2. A goat herder. 3. A Paki typist.

RBAG meaning and definition

"RBAG" - Rules Bad, Art GoodUsed when artists with wide concepts and lots of different ideas enter a contest with rules and regulations - OR - used to describe art that only follows specific rules and guidelines and doesn't expand creatively.

R ball meaning and definition

The term used to mean Ritalin when sold on the streets.

Rban Ictionary meaning and definition

The ool way say the urban dictionary

RBAR meaning and definition

acronym for Raped By A Rainbow


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