RCC meaning and definition

RCC meaning

Abbreviation of the well-known organized suburbian gang "Rice-Curry-Connection". Originally founded in Maple; Thier members consist of, but is not limited to local youths to youths from the Jane-Finch corridor, Scarborough, Woodbridge, and the GTA in general. The name Rice-Curry-Connection derive from the typical stereotypes of the members origins and races. Rice for the Oriental members (Mainly South-East Asian); Curry for thier Brown counter-parts (Mainly Pakistani) and Connection is the link between the two. There are over 70 known members at the moment, and they are multiplying like killer bees in heat. They have been in Various newspapers in the GTA (Toronto Star, Toronto Sun, Globe and Mail), CP24.com (City Pulse, news website) and is a threat to local schools, neighbourhoods, and suprisingly the police.

RCC meaning

gorrilla like figure who has lots of hair growing in every place imaginable. usually refers to a dirty whore who likes to steal boys from their friends. tends to be an easy cunt who has to shave at least 65 times a day to keep her lawn tamed. snitch. bitch.

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rcg meaning and definition

Random Cute Guy~ A guy who you see randomly, don't really know, yet he acts as if you know him well, and is very random. The most important feature of this guy is the fact that he is extremely cute, he is often adorkable as well.

RCP meaning and definition

RCP is said to be a top secret government project much like that of area 51. In fact it is said to be a study due to recent trends of the increase in last minute decisions conducted by Americans. The unpredictable nature of Americans continues to grow and produce instability. The government fears it may be a new form of biological warfare. That perhaps we have been exposed to a disease that causes us to procrastinate. Tell me, have you ever felt the need to put things to be done later? You may be infected!To counteract this instability and find a cure the government issued a study on RCP, recent changes in procrastination. The study is still said to be conducted today however very few know of it and thus part of the secret is now released.

rcsa meaning and definition

right-click, save as. Refers to the "Save As..." contextual menu item that typically appears when right-clicking on an image or link in a web browser. Used often on message boards when instructing other users that simply viewing a link in your browser will not work, or when someone finds a picture/link so funny that they save it locally for easy access.

RCT meaning and definition

Short for Rice Krispies Treats as said by Donovan Strain from ButteryAssMondays. No, its not RKT...

rdsl meaning and definition

Acronym for "Rolling down the stairs, laughing". Can be used in place of "lol" or something similar.


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