Raccadog meaning and definition

Raccadog meaning

A combination between a cat, rooster, and dog. Makes screeching sounds when it comes out at night. Commonly found in Swaziland. Vicious animal.

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raccadoodle meaning and definition

raccadoodle also known as racconman, racca-d, raccoon or simly raccadooodledandyman is a selfmade superhero. Fighting evil board moderators all over the web from his home in raccooncity.

Racca Pacca meaning and definition

an argument, a quarrel

Raccent meaning and definition

When you accidently say a word with a random accent.

raccey meaning and definition

Sexiest girl you'll ever meet. She'll be shy at first but you won't regret a thing once you meet her

racchi meaning and definition

Slang for a person of African American Descent.


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