Raccoon Money meaning and definition

Raccoon Money meaning

Can mean many things, cool, dope, fly. Also, craziness or nonsense. Milwaukee's version of crunk, ill, hyphy, gnarly.

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raccoon mouth licker meaning and definition

An individual who is so crazy that they would lick a raccoon's mouth. Popular term used amongst individuals whom reside in bumblefuck.

raccoon on a stick meaning and definition

In the act of recieving fellatio a man punches the female counterpart in both eyes simultaneously. This causes her to have two black eyes while her mouth is around the penis.

Raccoonouver meaning and definition

The alternate name for the legendary city known as Vancouver. Raccoons have been known to come out at night in Vancouver and terrorize the population. Hence, Raccoonouver.

raccoon penis bone meaning and definition

the muffled solo sound on the faint's song called "birth" in their album "wet from birth"

Raccoon Punching meaning and definition

When someone gets hit in both eyes and ends up with bruises so they look like a raccoon. Can also be called "Zorro Mask" or "Burglar Mask"


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