Race fright meaning and definition

Race fright meaning

The unbearable anguish that sometimes overcomes people when they see someone of a different race.Racism and xenophobia may develop as someone tries to find a reasonable explanation for the race fright they just experienced.

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race fuck the city meaning and definition

Term coined by Larry to describe what happens when he gets angry.

Raceful meaning and definition

Being fully aware of other races and ones own race's imperfections and excellence's.

Race Gard meaning and definition

I came up with this term to show the act of protecting one's own race against attack from other races. Particularly protecting the White Race. It is a play on the minorities practice of deploying the “race card” every time something doesn't go the way they wanted it to go. This term could also be used as the name of a White Super Hero.

Race head meaning and definition

Getting head from your passenger while you are driving your vehicle in a race

racehole meaning and definition

a combination of the words 'racist' and 'asshole'


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